Vamban 2019

Director of the movie is Rejis Antony

The Least of These 2019

The story of missionary Graham Staines who was martyred in India in 1999. “The Least of These” shares the story leading up to the murders of the Australian Christian missionary and his sons, Philip, 10, and Timothy, 6, who were helping a community of lepers in India.

Crazy Alien 2019

A monkey trainer whose act goes wrong after an alien crash lands on Earth and injures his monkey. Desperate to perform the act, he attempts to train the alien instead, though is punished after the alien regains his powers.

Vulnerable Histories (A Road Movie) 2019

As racist sentiment and discrimination continue to pull Japanese society apart, artist Koki Tanaka stages a series of conversations between Christian, a half-Swiss, half-Japanese-American man and Woohi, a Japan-born third-generation Korean (zainichi) woman living in Japan. The two young people discuss the disconcerting rise and increased presence of hate speech in the world, investigating not only the cold minutiae of law to reveal the lack of legal repercussions against the agitators, but also the devastating emotional consequences for those who are targeted.

Tutto l'oro che c'è 2019

On a beautiful day in a park in the Italian region of Lombardy, north of Milan, life takes its course. The birds, ants, deer and other wildlife take little notice of the human visitors.

De Terugkeer 2019

Based on found footage, true events and played by real people instead of actors, a wondrous story is told about accidents, opponents, scabbards and a completely vanished village.

Sea of Lost Time 2019

A foul odour – maybe similar to the one that every year befell the small town in which Gabriel García Márquez’s story Sea of Lost Time is set – has wafted through the corridors of the Film and Television Institute of India in Pune since Gajēndra Cauhān was appointed head of that institution. One of the biggest scandals of his administration was the termination of a graduation film production for acting students Gurviṃdar Singh had set out to direct, based on Gabriel García Márquez’s above-mentioned story; the decision felt dubiously motivated, to say the least, as Singh was known to be a vociferous critic of Cauhān. Never one to give up, Singh looked at the materials shot so far – and found therein a moving gem of realist cinema that honours the feel and substance of lines such as: "They swim to the depth of the sea, passing various levels in time. They see the bodies of their dead floating past them."

Pierre Schoendoerffer: La peine des hommes 2019

In 1986, Laurent Roth was able to finish his first longer work: Les yeux brûlés, a documentary about war photographers and cinematographers that honoured some of France’s then still-living greats, while also fathoming the complex relationship between film and armed combat since the inception of the cinematic art.When Roth returned to the material of Les yeux brûlés for a portrait of Schoendoerffer, only the audio still existed – the images were lost. Roth took this in his stride and came up with a stunning solution: he used the complete audio, unedited, and severely slowed down the few existing shots of Schoendoerffer (and his interviewer, actress Mireille Perrier) to fit the sound, length-wise.

No Vies Formidables 2019

Margot, Jeremy, Salome, Caesar, Sonia - They are between 18 and 50 years old. Everything separates them except the urgency to rebuild and restore the relationship to the other that the addiction has destroyed. Solidary, they have as rules, sharing, honesty, authenticity, sincerity, humanity. An incredible band of living people who are screaming loudly that we are doing better than others alone.

A Noite Amarela 2019

The group of teens who have arrived on an island for a brief holiday – a place virtually no one else inhabits and which is almost always dark – scarcely lose any blood. It’s not their bodies that get slashed. They talk, drink and wander the beach, plagued by increasingly disturbing visions.

Niblock's Sound Spectrums − Within Invisible Rivers 2019

American composer and filmmaker Phill Niblock (1933) is one of minimal music’s key figures. His hypnotic, visceral music – often consisting of a single, constant tone with minimal variations – makes him a drone music pioneer. His compositions are simultaneously subtle and overwhelming. At his live performances in factories, concert halls and art institutions, the audience are bowled over by the sound.

Minor History 2019

Minor History is a portrait of Wahid, the 90-year-old uncle of the director. This true storyteller was born in India in the 1920s, fled to Pakistan, joined the army there and came to the US in the 1980s. He now lives in a cold, snowy city and is a well-known eccentric in the pool halls. The film tries to map out the radical changes in consciousness that the world has gone through in one human life. Shots of Wahid in his everyday life are juxtaposed with footage in which he tells the camera about his past.

Miel-Emile 2019

After WWII, Dutch artist Pierre Raaijmakers bought a house in the French Pyrenees, and went to live in it with his Flemish wife. They had twelve children; Peter van Houten made the film La vie de Jean-Marie, about their eldest son. Having spent six years following Jean-Marie, Van Houten turned his camera on his brother, Emile. He too still lives in the shadow of the Cabrils mountain.

Memento Stella 2019

Makino Takashi takes us to a place where different rules apply. He overwhelms us with his universe, which is built up of countless images, figurative and non-figurative, accompanied by an equally sophisticated soundtrack. At times very abstract and distant, at others almost palpable and narrative. We naturally seek recognition in the infinite layering of the images, and in so doing compose our own story, based on what we ourselves know of the world, using our personal references to help us. In this way, a work arises unique to every viewer, which continues to reverberate long after we leave the cinema.

Ma nudité ne sert à rien 2019

As a novelist, actress/screenwriter for François Ozon and director, Marina de Van is fearless, always eager to deal with taboos and expose herself. Mostly home-made and shot under the radar, Ma nudité ne sert à rien is a brave self-portrait of de Van as a forty-something wandering soul, asking herself about her work, body and relationships in the age of dating apps and one-night stands.

Lithic Choreographies 2019

An experimental documentary shot on the Swedish island of Gotland. It mines historical data, mingling it with speculative fictions, to chronicle different chapters embedded to the island's geological strata. Working with locals to ground the film's investigations within the myriad communities of Gotland, Smith seeks to re-imagine our modes of engagement with and contributions to ecological assemblages. Scanning the landscape characterised by palaeo-sea-stacks, fossil coastlines, concrete production plants and limestone quarries, the film focuses a lens on minerals circulated in economic, cultural and agricultural contexts.

KINORAMA − Cinema Fora de Órbita 2019

In 2016, Edgar Pêra released The Amazing Spectator, a playful investigation into cinema’s disquieting essence that had everything from negative film images of boobs and positively splendid interviews to a donkey hand puppet. The film and an accompanying book formed his PhD thesis. But as so often with him, projects turn into obsessions – especially when there are masses of notions not pondered, thoughts not elaborated upon. And so KINORAMA - Beyond the Walls of Cinema was born, a stand-alone continuation of The Amazing Spectator that looks at cinema’s future in cyberspace and, accordingly, perhaps the end of its enslavement to figurative representation, the 'stupid sacred in narrative cinema' (to use a Pêra’ism), realism and artificiality in 3D cinema, and many other aspects.

Inner Landscape 2019

Documentary about Chinese modern music composer Guo Wenjing and Sichuan opera.