Download 02.25.02 - Monday: Secrets

02.25.02 - Monday: Secrets

02.25.02 - Monday: Secrets
Ed recalls Rafe, Casey, Paige and Amy to Heaven and berates them for their mistakes. When the women talk back to Ed, he sends them to Hell to teach them a lesson, then sends all the angels back to Earth to finish their journeys, wihthout saying who'll fill the 5th chair. Concerned about Rafe's disappearance, Alison accuses Livvie of revealing that Rafe's an angel. Livvie denies it, but admits she's glad Rafe's gone because he wasn't real. Ali's relieved when Rafe returns to her. Kevin and Ian compare notes on a missing Amy and Paige until the women return with Ed, who promises to reveal tell the truth about them.


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