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Dark ~ 'remain tender together'

Dark ~ 'remain tender together'
Kunikida encounters Muramasa and after an argument, the two tried to shoot each other out when the former heard Muramasa ordering Shindo and the other TOKKO operatives to be arrested and taken care of when PSIA agents tried to raid Ryoko's apartment to arrest Shindo, Sakura and Kureha with Kunikida shocked to realize that Muramasa is a PSIA agent in reality. Kureha and Sakura stormed the supposedly empty PSIA complex to rescue Ryoko with Gaki Phantoms, which had appeared due to low security. In a change of heart, Kunikida assists the two TOKKO agents by breaking Ryoko out of her cell, only to be arrested by PSIA agents for helping Ryoko escape. Back at the Machida apartment complex, Shindo and the others assemble to do battle against Taishi, with Kureha severely wounded. Ranmaru and Sakura head into the underworld via the giant hole in order to rescue Saya and defeat Taishi. When Taishi placed a good fight, Sakura told Ranmaru to kill her in order to get her symbiote merged with his. When Ranmaru refused, he was forced to confront her until he accidentally wounded her. With her symbiote's power in him, Ranmaru travelled deep into the underworld and found Saya held captive. In a show of force, Ranmaru and Taishi fought sword to sword with the former being able to win by using projectile moves on him. Following the rescue, Muramasa is reinsatated back in TOKKI with Kunikida as well with alterations removed by NPA and PSIA officials. Sakura was recovering from her injuries with the TOKKO members and Saya visiting her. The hole in the Machida apartment was permanently sealed, but another was opened near the heart of downtown Tokyo. Unknown to Sakura's visitors, her eyes were shot wide open


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